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  • This is a platform for celebrities, artists, pioneers, and professionals in their respective fields to share their experiences, success stories and philosophies. The shows will be hosted by a lineup of celebrities and leaders in their respective fields, bringing new dimension to the term entertainment. Through their interaction with guests, more personalized and characteristic programmes will be brought to audience.

  • A fresh approach to net broadcasts, our programmes will be hosted by a featured DJ each day, and our shows will centre on the daily life of every average Singaporean. Individual personalities and fresh approaches are the signature of our broadcasts and we will introduce unique and refreshing content to bring our listeners into the daily happenings around the region. Our global perspective approach also widens the circle of our listeners, targeting a regional audience of above 20, and pursuing a better life.

  • educational television channel will help students who are studying Chinese as a second language, in revising the lessons taught in school. The program will reprise the lessons taught with the students and assist them in understanding the techniques of writing, comprehension and better use of vocabulary. The target audience will be Singapore children studying the primary school classes, and the language used will be Mandarin

  • In preserving the 63 years of broadcasting history, Rediffusion will present the classic and evergreen Mandarin and Chinese dialect programs on-line, for subscribers to enjoy the programmes of yesteryear, via a mobile device App. With monthly updates of classic and newly produced programs to the library, it will bring endless, nostalgic joy to the fans of Rediffusion through the years, who grew up with the familiar voices of their favourite broadcasters. The programmes are in Mandarin and Chinese dialects of Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew.

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